Table of Contents

Getting Acquainted With

In the Beginning

America’s Wonder Dog

The Weimaraner Club of America

The Weimaraner Standard

Color, Markings, and Coat

Movement and Structure

The Family Companion and Its Care

Getting Off to the Right Start

Weimaraner Kindergarten

Life with Weimaraners

Best of Health

Old as Well as Gray

A Most Versatile Breed

Starting the Gun Dog

Weimaraners Afield

Weimaraners and The North American

Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Showing the Weimaraner

The Obedient Weimaraner

The Dance of Dog Agility

Hot on the Track

Weimaraners Doing Their Thing

Breeding Weimaraners

Breeding Basics

Mating Games

Prenatal Care



Raising the Litter

Ages and Stages

Testing Natural Aptitude

Puppy Health Assessment

Picking the Perfect Puppy

The Great Ones

Best in Show

Best in Field

The Best of the Best:

The Triple and Dual Champions

A Blueprint of Quality: The Dams

A Blueprint of Quality: The Sires

Beyond These Borders

The GermanWeimaraner Today

Weimaraners Around theWorld

Appendix A: Standards

Appendix B: WCA Ratings

Appendix C: Bench Events

Appendix D: Field Events

Appendix E: The Champions Are…

Appendix F: Articles of Interest